Greece, a country left with no good choices

I took part in a radio discussion on Thursday with KCRW presenter Warren Olney. The subject was: Greece, a country left with no good choices.

The panel included Russel Shorto, the author who wrote a very good piece about Greece called ‘The Way Greeks Live Now’ for the New York Times Magazine:

The other two participants were Charles Wyplosz from the International Center for Money and Banking Studies and Jennifer McKeown of Capital Economics.

It made for a very interesting discussion both with regards to the limited economic options Greece has but also about the country’s tarnished image.

Please listen if you get the chance:

3 responses to “Greece, a country left with no good choices

  1. Excellent balanced article here from the Peterson Institute; “A Bad Eurogroup Decision on Greece.”

  2. Eliminate Merkel; that’s the only choice if not sworn duty of all Europeans.

  3. Well, we now know that even attempting (let alone subscribing to) the PSI has lead to a selective default. In other words all the attempts by Greek politicians to avoid bankruptcy were for nothing. And please, let’s not debate the technical side of a selective default. If it looks like duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

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